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(Archived) New Note Window Handling



I resisted calling this a feature request, because it's more about fixing the Evernote Mac's behaviour.

This is the scenario. It's pretty basic. I have the EN window open. I type CMD-N to create a new note. I have the preview pane closed/hidden. A new window should open with the cursor in the note's title field. Instead, the note item is created in the list. I have to double click on it to open it in a new window. Once I do, the cursor is in the note area, rather than the title field.

You may just suggest I display the preview pane. I shouldn't have to. EN should behave more like mail.app in this circumstance. I should be able to create a new note without the mouse, with a few keystrokes.

In mail.app, when I have the preview pane hidden, I type CMD-N. A new window opens with the cursor in the first field. Can we make EN behave this way please?

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