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(Archived) Feature request: Local storage of files attached to a note



Hi all,

English is not my native so I hope I will explain it well.

Use case I'm performing: Having a pdf file attached in a note inside of notebook in Evernote. Opening the file in Preview from Evernote and via Quicklook

Problem: Where is the mentioned pdf file stored in local system? Maybe better question is, in what all places is it stored?

Steps & situation:

* creating a new note and adding (attaching) pdf file into it. By default I have selected view the file as an attachment

* now when I want to find the file in folder hierarchy of my mac, it can be found in //Library/Application Support/Evernote/data/######(number)/content/p156(folder of the note)

* ==>> 1 copy of the file (let's say the file is 10MB)

* now I want to quick look at it so I click Quicklook button or I right-click on the file and select Quicklook

* file is open in quick look

* in folder mention above //..../content/p156/ new folder "quickLook" is created and inside of it the file is located as well

* ==>> now we have 2 copies of the file (20MB of local storage)

* now I want to open this file in Preview so I double-clicked on the file

* file is open in Preview

* new folder is created name "external edits" located in //Library/Application Support/Evernote/ and this folder also contains this file

* ==>> now we have 3 copies of the same file and instead of just 10MB used we are using 30MB of our local capacity

And this is case of only one file. If you imagine user can have let's say 100 files, 5MB each ==>> this will waste another 1GB in addition !!

Is there any way how to make these files only temporary, clear "cache" in the application or anything like that? Currently the deleting in Finder is not very user-friendly as all notes have separate folders. I hope all this I wrote makes sense now :-).

Thanks for reply

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I see the same behaviour as you and I'm not aware of any way of deleting the files that are created.

To be honest, disk is cheap and so I'm guessing that these files are created on first use and kept so that they can be provided more quickly subsequently.

Support may be able to give you more info

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I see...

I agree with you that disks today are pretty cheap components these days however it still seems to me it is absolutely waste of capacity anyway. If you perform these actions in Finder - opening in Preview or Quicklook - system doesn't need to create these additional files. Or if it does so, they are only temporary and immediately deleted or after reboot - they are just cleaned :)

I don't get the fact Evernote can't work this way too. I think this requirement / feature would make sense to be implemented. At least these files to be deleted let's say over some time - something like expiration after not using it for some time.

Do you agree?

Thanks for your reply anyway

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