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(Archived) [FEATURE REQ]- Leave Clipper dialog box open


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I love the Web Clipper Chrome Extension. I use it many times during the day. One of my favorite features is the ability to "Clip article" and have the "cruft" removed. However, the way it is currently implemented could be much better with a simple tweak. The problem is, you can't really inspect the area being clipped on articles that extend beyond the part of the page visible in the browser window. As soon as you try to scroll downwards the Clipper floating dialog box disappears, taking your recently entered title, tags, and Comment with it. For at least "Clip Article" please consider leaving the dialog up there until the article is clipped, or the ESC key is hit. If you are worried about some EN users not liking this change, then please make it an Option setting with the default being the original behavior.

Thanks. Back to downloading the Web, one Note a a time. B)

-- roschler

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