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(Archived) FR: make advanced search operators more accessible



hello evernote,

I've been using evernote for 2 years now. if I hadn't detected your advanced search operators, it would be hard for me to find anything.

so - as powerful as those operators are, as hard they are to remember... it's a pain to always look them up in the help files... it would be nice if you'd make them available as dropdowns or as "search tokens"... this would be really really helpful!

I am talking about those: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/artic ... ch?lang=en



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I totally want to throw my support behind this - wish I could vote this feature request up!

I think employing search tokens would not only lead people to use search more readily and powerfully so as to counter less friction when getting to notes, but I think it will also support the potential of the 'saved searches' feature to displace how I've been mistakenly using different notebooks - as a way to distinguish content categories rather than primarily a way to partition publication of notes in different ways. The latter purpose I think is the best use of separate notebooks (this one public, this one shared, this one for keeping synced & offline to my phone, etc). I see saved searches as a way to create dynamic notebooks by leveraging tags.

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