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(Archived) Double Spacing

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Please provide information about your platform ... are you using one of our desktop clients, or the web UI? What software versions are you using?

As I noted in reply to the identical support request you filed, I've tested this on a few different platforms, and default text entry was single spaced.


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I've seen something that might be related in the Windows client. I recently was making a summary note in Evernote from a long HTML document, copying and pasting individual lines, and some of the lines were inserted double-spaced and some single-spaced. The parts of the HTML document I was copying from were all machine-generated, so there shouldn't have been any difference in what I was copying, and I don't think I did anything different in copying the double-spaced lines versus copying the single-spaced lines.

I'll try to reproduce the problem and post a followup with more details if I can.

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Yes, if you clip/paste HTML and then start editing, the editor will (basically) preserve the formatting of the place you're editing. So if the source HTML had breaks between paragraphs, this may continue when you edit.

This should be separate from what happens if you type a new note into Evernote ... the spacing here should be single.

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