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(Archived) Corporate Evernote Appliance

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I have searched the forum and Google for any information about EN possibly doing a corporate EN Appliance. I'd love to host my own EN server and be my own cloud. My legal dept is very intested in EN, but hesitate on storing information that is not "in-house". Has EN ever thought about packaging up an EN Appliance and selling it? I'm sure lots of IT folks would be interested.


Slade Hornick

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Some comments from the Evernote CTO about their past experiences with corporate software issues found at this link.

  • "Basically, a bunch of the people who built Evernote have a lot of experience in the "Enterprise software sales" business, and it's completely 180-degree different than Evernote's "freemium" personal memory service. It's hard to do both business models under the same roof, in my experience."

And Phil Libin, the Evernote CEO said:

  • "You're right about corporate being the revenue stream for most tech vendors, but happily that's not the case for us. Our direct consumer revenues from premium subscriptions and partner products are more than enough to make us a profitable and sustainable long-term company. The consumer business is booming for us and we have no financial incentive to switch focus."

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