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PayPal renewal option missing.

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Super happy user on this end except on the whole renewal system.

I signed up for a monthly, and decided tonight I like the whole product I'd buy a year outright. I couldn't see an option to easily do this so I cancelled my monthly renewal in my settings and figured I could sign up again for a 45 year plan. But there seems to be no paypal option to do this. I see "option 1" and a bunch of creditcards but no option 2 for "paypal" which is my preferred choice of payment.

Did I miss a step?


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I just tried to move my work account from monthly premium to annual (yes, I have two premium accounts, so I can share specific notebooks between my work computer and my home computer using the desktop clients without sharing all my personal stuff on a machine I don't control), and saw the same thing: no PayPal option. I searched the forums and this is the only thread I saw addressing the issue, although I see that there have been some issues with PayPal subscriptions and receipt emails earlier this year. I do prefer PayPal for this kind of subscription - any chance that option will come back soon?

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Because of the way Paypal billing works we are currently unable to let you switch to an annual plan while you are still having Premium time left from your canceled monthly plan. The best advice I have is to let your current premium expire fully. Once that's done you will be able to choose both monthly and annual plans and pay with Paypal.

We are looking into how we can improve this experience.

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So it is not possible to use premium without credit card? I would use it since years as premium member but I'm not willed to pay via credit card in internet. If you not offer another way to pay you will loose a lot of premium money. Why not pay for a year and renew it by myself?

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