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(Archived) RSS and other ideas

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Dear Evernote Team,

I've been using evernote for a few months now and I like it very much. I came across it just after I had been talking to people about how great it would be to have something that collects all my information on my desktop, my laptop, my mobile and my remote desktop. Evernote does all this, and i've not discovered it all yet - very nice work.

I have some ideas:

One thing that would be useful is to be able to include RSS feeds from my favourite blogs. I have these bookmarked and I know I can do a mashup on other sites, but with Evernote at least a feed function would be great - a full mashup ability would be spectacular.

A configurable box with bookmarks would also be useful. I know I can do this, but soemthing specifically designed for links to websites that opens in new tabs, that I can reorder and group etc.

With both of these including tags would make everything all nicely linked together.

An RSS feed out might also be useful.

Integration with social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc would be useful.

When i was looking for Evernote I found Secondbrain.com . This does a lot of what I was thinking about (but Evernote does more).

Let me know if you want more feedback on these things.


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Thanks for the feedback. We plan to release an API in the next month that could be used by third party developers to do things like this.

Every time you publish a notebook, you automatically create an RSS feed that can be used to access that notebook and be notified of its changes. See the RSS icon on Phil's "CNN Haiku" notebook:



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