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(Archived) Way around SSL error?


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I'm trying to use my iPad 2 and Evernote App at work. We have several Mac's at work and they share their airport Wifi connection to the Internet. I am able to access websites, email, etc. through this connection, but whenever I try and use Evernote I get the following error: "An SSL error. Has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. Would you like to connect to the server anyway?"

I click Yes, but still no connection. That error just repeats over and over.

Could this be some sort of security setting by the IT department causing this? Are there any Evernote settings I can change to accomplish a connection?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Whenever you get this error it generally means something is trying to force HTTPS->HTTP on your device, or, it is redirecting you through an insecure proxy.

Try logging in to Evernote Web from your device (or mobile web) and see if that works.

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I am having this same problem - the same error message appears on my iPhone 3GS (iOS 6) - "An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made". My work iPad, also still running iOS6, can connect and sync notes with the server just fine, and it is connected to the same work wifi network as the phone, which cannot connect and thus cannot sync. When I bring the iPhone home, it can sync trouble-free. It is very frustrating as I need the notes to sync from the iPhone to the web each day while at work to give a short presentation at the end of the day. Instead, only notes taken on the iPad sync.

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