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I understand we have a limit of transfer/sync a month!

But, are there a storage limit for my mac, without transfer or sync?

Can i storage up 1 giga at my mac .?!?


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If I understand you correctly, you can have unlimited storage on your Mac, in local (non sync'd) notebooks. You would, of course, be responsible for making your own backups.

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The limit applies to uploading to the EN servers. Downloading in unlimited. However, if you create a note that is 10 mb & sync it up, then make changes so it's now 12 mb & sync it a second time, that counts as 22 mb. To clarify, if you have a free account & uploaded 55 mb the first week, using the web client, you would be able to download those 55 mbs of notes to an infinite number of computers/devices. (Not that you'd want to do that, but you could!) IE, your work computer, your phone, your home computer, etc.

Additionally, note size is limited. 25 mb for free accounts & 50 mb for premium.

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