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(Archived) Feature Request: Set Notebook based on Tag

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Here's my use case folks, I use Evernote for both schoolwork and work err..work. I find that setting the Default Notebook creates problems because I forget to change a new note's notebook from, say "Writing 101", back to my "Super Important Work Project" notebook .

What I would love to be able to do is to say specify that all notes tagged with "WRTG101" are automatically moved to my Schoolwork notebook. I would even be happy to do this with an Automator script in Mac OSX, but I cant figure out how to.

Any others have thoughts on this? Would you find it helpful?



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You will still need to remember to set the proper tag so this would help but may not entirely fix the issue. I've run into the same thing. My current work around is to define a default folder named inbox, so all new notes are assigned there. I try to set the folder correctly for new notes but any that I miss will be sitting in the inbox so I just review that from time-to-time and move around any notes I find there to their proper folder.

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