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(Archived) Emailing Pictures and documents to Evernote

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Hello everybody,

I am a new user of the Evernote service and found the features quite interesting and futuristic to keep my documents and pictures tagged and in some order for easy search later. My problem is with E mailing my documents and photographs to my Evernote ID. I attached one photograph to a new mail in Yahoo mail and sent it to my own Evernote mailing ID but the attached photo did not appear in my notes. Just a blank page appeared instead. Please can any of you tell me what I am doing incorrectly and what is the correct process?

Shan :)

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I just tested this by mailing my account a small .png file from my computer via Yahoo's web client, and it worked correctly. What type of image are you trying to send?

The mail gateway is primarily intended for use by mobile phones ... if you're on a desktop PC/Mac, it would be a lot faster to just drag the image into your local Evernote client (and then synchronize).

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The pictures I attached to the mail were in .jpg format and were about 1MB in size. I would primarily use the e mail service to have handwritten notes of my missed classes to be photographed and mailed over to my Evernote ID by my classmates.


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