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(Archived) Amazing Idea - Highlight Notes then Email to Friends

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Hey maybe you can already do this and I don't know how but here is the idea.

1.Create a note from a website

2.Have tools on the evernote.com user page to highlight the note and make handwritten style edits with the mouse or edit boxes with notes.

3.Have the ability to e-mail that modified page back to someone with the highlights, edits, or written comments on it.


Also a way to have a plugin for a blog or a website so when you post something like a question people can add it to evernote, do something to it and then send it back to your site.

Lets say I started with a drawing, then I said "everyone add to it" and then people could download it in phases where I said Phase 2 "I liked these ideas / note changes" and then they could for that phase add to it and then send it back Phase 3 "those changes were good" and in that way start to do dynamic note interaction.

Plus maybe the idea of Public notes might be cool, like you could start finding things on the web that you found noteworthy, post them in a public note and other people with similar tags and public notes could find you and you could share your interests through notes in a public way, which might lead as well to the idea of art, so NOTE GROUPS.

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