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(Archived) Best Method For Business Use

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I have personally used Evernote for about a year or so and sing its praises. I work for a company with offices in the UK, US and Australia. We have been relying on a customized version of Dropbox as a central drive that can be accessed from all offices (we just call it the Y Drive), but syncing and slow speed have become constant problems.

I have suggested we try using Evernote. I have got the ball rolling by creating a shared notebook (I am a premium member) that in theory everyone who I have given access to can upload and download documents.

However, I feel doing it this way may limit the full potential Evernote can have to everyone in the company. I'm also not thrilled about having the company shared notebook connected with my personal account; as well as having to create the permissions everytime we want to create a new notebook, etc.

Would the best idea be to setup a new premium account and just let everyone who needs it have the login info?

Anyone else using Evernote for business purposes across multiple offices?

Sorry for the ramble, hope that made sense...thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Each to their own, but I reckon you really need a decent document management solution or even something like Confluence from Atlassian (I think they offer a hosted version).

I also work for an international company and we use Confluence for a fair amount of document storage.

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