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(Archived) Feature suggestions

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first of all, thanks very much for the developers for a great tool. The beta version for windows has been very stable in XP Home edition and it is quite easy to use as well. The firefox extension that allows quick website capturing when browsing was the main reason for me to get involved with Evernote in the first place.

I've spent a good time looking for notetaking/web clipping/sharing/mindmapping software before finding out about Evernote. After testing more than few of these types of software and extensions, I'd like to give some feedback on some features that I've found interesting and useful and which could maybe be integrated to Evernote as well. These would be:

-similar editing options as in Firefox Scrapbook extension ( http://amb.vis.ne.jp/mozilla/scrapbook/ )

  • - particularly highlighting
    - sticky notes
    - possibility to capture webpage that is pre-edited with Scrapbook tools or other extensions; this would most likely mean that the page would need to be imported with CSS, which would be useful anyway
    (scrapbooking straight to a similar software as Evernote is what I've been especially looking for)

- a comments-field for notes

- some sort of interlinking between sections in note/notes - and maybe even the possibility linking to local files

  • - It would make it easier and faster to navigate through the notes
    - and for teamwork purposes it might be handy and economic f.ex. to have a possibility to share the interlinked notes, and maybe linked files as well, as a sort of a workbook
    (a bit like knowledge base in General Knowledge Base -software (
http://www.baltsoft.com/ ) )

- in addition to this, dragging-and-dropping ANY file to a note to get the file automatically included or linked to it

- for the Evernote context menu an entry for fast editing of files (especially images) in a user-defined external application

- merging notes in user-defined order

- maybe we will also see Universal Clipper with similar text capturing abilities as Aqua Deskperience? ( http://www.deskperience.com/products.html )

It will be interesting to see which way Evernote goes in the future - the base is very very good. Thanks for letting me test the beta.

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