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(Archived) Audio Files getting cut off.


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I'm not sure if this has been covered. I did a search, but did not see anything, so if so, I apologize in advance!

I create new notes and use the audio recordings on my Android phone. That phone is the HTC Evo from Sprint, as I'm sure that might be important information. I have the newest Evernote update, at 3.0 from the Android Market. I save the note, then email it to myself and my friends. My friends have the iPhone. Apparently, the recording has been cutting off before it is actually finished on their phone. Yet, they see there is more time, and know that they are missing out on some of the recording. I have played my note on my own computer and on my phone and it plays all the way to the end. The recorded audio stops about 15-30 seconds before it is supposed to, according to my friends. Anyone know a solution, if there is one?

It's simply weird. I have extended the recordings in time, without talking and it didn't help. It cut off a bit too early and they didn't get to hear the end of what I said. Any direction to some solution would be great! :)

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I'm having the same problem with Evernote 4.0.3 on the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon).

When I record the audio, and even after I stop the recording, it shows the correct length. But when I save the note and let it upload and then return to the note, some of the audio gets clipped off. Sometimes it doesn't clip at all, other times it clips off a few seconds, once it even clipped off about an entire minute. Also, sometimes the transcribed text of the missing audio is also missing, even though I thought I saw it there when I saved the note.

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Some additional notes:

I checked the notes on the Mac desktop client, and the audio is also missing there.

Also, it is not always the end of the audio that's missing.. in the clip I just checked, there was about 30 seconds missing, but it wasn't the very ending. There were about 3 seconds at the very end that were okay, and the missing section was right before that.

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