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(Archived) Unable to open PDF/attachments (desktop version only)




I have been using evernote for a while now but since sunday whenever I upload a note with an attachment (pdf, .doc etc.) I am unable to view it on the desktop version. The attachments work fine on the internet based and mobile (android) versions. I thought initially it was due to camscanner (my main scanning app) but it has now started happening when I forward an email with attachments to my evernote account.

Any help appreciated



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i don't get an error message but if i have attached 3 files for example there will be 3 boxes with quick look buttons on but the caption says unnamed file attachment 0kb....

im a premium user


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Are you all sync'd up?

If so, I'd try deleting the app and data and doing a clean install. Remember though, you'll have to sync all your data back down again which may take some time depending on the size of your account and your connection.

Evernote data is stored in user/library/application support

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Yup, delete everything - data from the location I gave before and Evernote from the applications folder.

Do you have any Local Notebooks? If you do, you'll want to export the notes first and make sure they are somewhere safe before you delete.

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Just sounded like the app got corrupted somehow - I've never heard of the same thing happening to anyone else so it will probably never happen to you again.

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