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(Archived) Impossible to login with Firefox Addon



I cannot get the EverNote addon of Firefox to accept my correct User ID and Password. This it what happens:

1.in the browser, I hit the elephant Icon of evernote

2. the login window appears

3. I type in my UserID and password, hit the login button

4. I don't get logged in. Instead of it, the window appears again.

The UserID and password works, if I login into the normal Evernote application. I tried out a weak password using only characters but the error remains.

Does anyone know, if this is a bug or a "feature" ?

Firefox 4.0, Mac OS X 10.5.8 and , Mac OS X 10.6.x with newest updates installed

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Hi sipson,

I believe that this is a result of the "Third Party Cookies" option in firefox. To login, the EN clipper needs to set a cookie. Since it is not allowed in the settings, you can't login.

I wouldn't suggest turning the "Third Party Cookies" option on, but choose to add evernote to the exceptions. This will mean that it will only allow the evernote cookie, not others :)

This is what I have done :)



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