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(Archived) Access notes through passwords



Hi all, long time EN user, new time writer (although new time EN Premium)

Anyway, here is the situation. I use EN on my Mac through the native app, as I do on my iPhone (love it!). But at work, I access EN through the web app (love the new UI!). The reason being is that i don't want anyone having access to my notebooks. Because of were I work, I can't have multiple accounts on my Mac. So my question is: as i can do on the web, can I access EN desktop through username and password? Like if i don't give the right credentials, I can't access any note (synced or local). Can this be possible? I've searched through the forums and it seems not, but I'm giving it a shot a this post, so please forgive me if this has been answered before.

Thanks in advance for any tip, advice and help!

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If I understand you correctly and you want to have a user name and password for individual notes, then no, this isn't currently supported.

You could encrypt the contents of your notes and so would have to enter a password to un-encrypt them or there are some posts on here about an account switcher application that isn't supported by Evernote but some people seem to like. As it's not supported though, it's at your own risk.

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