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(Archived) Can't get pictures to sync

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When I try to sync multiple pictures it says unexpected behavior on client side. When I sent an activity log to evernote support they said something was wrong with one of the pictures and to delete it so I did but it still wouldn't sync. I ended up deleting everything and adding and syncing each picture one at a time. I don't have any problems that way, even with the picture I was told there was a problem with, but it takes a long time and I have a lot of pictures! Is there any way around this?

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Are you putting each image in a single note or putting all images into the same note? If the latter, you may be exceeding the note size. (25 mb for free accounts & 50 mb for premium accounts.)
I've tried it both ways. I tried different notes and syncing every 5th one and even that wouldn't work. The only way that seems to work is doing it one at a time.

Ok, I have no idea what "every 5th one" has to do with anything. There is a note size limit. I don't know if your note size limit is exceeded with one note, two notes or four notes. If you're exceeding the note size limit by putting multiple images into a single note, then yes,it will not sync. If a single image in a single note is under the note size limit, then yes, by putting each image into a single note will resolve your problem.

It may be more helpful if you post in the section specific to the client you're using and be more specific b/c you need to know the size of the image you're trying to sync up. If your image is from an iPhone 4, the size will differ from an image from an iPhone 3g. An image from a dslr camera will differ in size as well.

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