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(Archived) Alarm/notification...the missing feature



Remember everything.....on time

Imagine you come across a web-page that you dont have time to read now. Take a snapshot of the screen where a contact AND a phone number is(you need to call that number two days later). An alarm fires, on your phone, on that specific time where they are in the office. Two taps on the screen, and the call is on....OR you can snooze it to a later time that you can specify, because you are in a meeting....what ever.

A lot of similar situations have crossed my day...and mind.

I use both the calender "Informant" and "aNote", witch both have alarms, but they dont have that flexible power that Evernote provides, being on two platforms on the same time.

Seriously, this could push Evernote into an even more stunning Whenevernote....

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