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I don't have the opportunity to follow everything but I'm still very interested in evernote, I use it every day

Is there a discussion with the advantage/inconvenient of migrating from version 2 to version 3 beta ?

Are they only new features or also lost features ?

Any important point to keep in mind when migrating ?

Thank you all for you help


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The good news, as mentioned in this FAQ topic, is that you can install and run Evernote Beta on the same computer as Evernote 2.2 without any major problems. Evernote Beta uses a completely separate database, so you can import some or all of your Evernote 2.2 database into Evernote Beta to test it out and see whether it works for you.

The less-good-news (as mentioned in that FAQ), is that the current Beta does not yet include all of the features in Evernote 2.2. There are a number of things like Templates, export, etc. which are possible in Evernote 2.2, but are not yet part of the cross-platform Evernote Beta. For this reason, we certainly welcome you to try out the Beta to give us any feedback, but you may want to stick with the current shipping release (2.2.1) if the Beta doesn't yet meet all of your needs. You can always uninstall Evernote Beta and then try it again in a few months.


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