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(Archived) Feature Suggestion: Better Search

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First, sincerely, Evernote rocks. I would truly (and perhaps literally) be lost without it. Now with that out of the way...

The whole strength of Evernote, and its very purpose for existing, is to remember everything. This is two part, storing memories and retrieving them.

Evernote has a very nice search function that is feature rich, but you have to know all the tricks to use it. I'd like to suggest a better search facility similar to Mac OS X spotlight search that gives you a basic box to search things but an option to pick and choose additional elements. For instance in Finder you enter something in the spotlight field and there is a new bar under it for your search limited to this folder versus the entire Mac, etc. Then you can add a constraint and pick from a drop-down things like kind of file, various dates, name, etc.

If Evernote had a similar "advanced search" that had drop-downs for Tag, InTitle, created, any, etc. it would be much more accessible to the non-geek users and easier to use for all. These search features all exist now but one has to google them if they don't use them every day and a nice interface access to the features would make Evernote a much better product, IMO.

Thanks for listening,

Jim Sewell / @Deverill

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