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(Archived) Note entry?


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I love EN. It's the best way I've found to organize and access my notes. However, I seem to find that EN's capacity for creating notes, especially on iDevices, is falling farther and farther behind.

For audio notes, there's not really anything complicated. You hit "record" and talk until you hit "stop". Coupled with the Voice2Note service, EN does okay here... but only when coupled with some kind of dictation service. (I wouldn't find audio notes worthwhile if I couldn't search them, no matter who's app created them.)

What's the state of the union on handwriting? Penultimate? Inkiness? Can anything on the market export ink notes to EN in a form that EN's image OCR supports? Better yet, does anything on the market support true 2-way sync of ink notes with EN? It would be great to jot a handwritten note and save it, then be able to search the text in EN, then be able to later go back and edit the note again.

What about rich text? Essay by Holtwick Dirk? I don't need Pages, but a couple of header levels, bold and italic, maybe a few font sizes, bulleted and numbered lists...

And what of apps like "Mental Note" and "iNotes"? These appear to be great apps for creating notes-- especially mixed-content notes-- but is there any way to get those notes into EN and have them searchable (especially the handwritten portions)? Has anyone actually tried out either of these two apps?

I am constantly bragging about EN's "access anywhere" features and search features to my friends. But I'm finding it harder and harder to get my ideas into it. Without data, the tool loses value quickly. I'm just wondering what efforts or alternatives there are to address this.

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