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(Archived) Sharing Notebooks on mobile devices?

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I decided to try premium services hoping I could use notebook sharing to have my employees upload pictures to my shared notebook.

I was surprised to find that notebook sharing is impossible on mobile devices.

I am currently putting in a request for a refund. It is so disappointing.

The strange part is that while adding multiple notebooks is supported it would seem easy to be able to mimic shared notebooks as your own regular ones.

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To receive a refund, open a support inquiry on the bottom of:


We've never turned down a request for a refund wherever we're technically capable of granting one. (E.g. Apple doesn't give us a way to issue iTunes refunds, but we can do it easily for credit card purchases on our own site.)

That said, we are working on sharing on both Android and iOS, and look forward to launching that feature on both of those platforms as soon as we can finish developing and testing it.


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