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(Archived) Photo res too low AFTER upload to Evernote


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I've searched the forum for an answer, so please forgive me if it has been addressed before. Here is my problem.

When I take pics with Android and then upload them, it appears as though Evernote is reducing the resolution upon upload. The Droid still has the pic in full res. I've looked for settings. I can't find any. What am I doing wrong? I LOVE the concept of this app and want to use the Premium version, but not if I can't have the pics in original res. Also, I believe that the pics were uploaded full res just by the amount of transfer allowance that was used. But when I click on the pics, they're 640x360.

SURELY, I'm just missing something, here. Please help out a newbie!

~ Melanie

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The service stores the exact bits of each image that you upload, but we may render it in a smaller size on different platforms if that will help it look better. For example, on the web we show really large images in a smaller form initially, but if you click on the image once, it will expand to full size. (This usually requires you to use the scrollbar to pan around within the image.)

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