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(Archived) Audio Notes from PC Desctop Client

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Is there an easy way to record (or record & add a file) an audio note to Evernote? This feature works great from my BB and from Voce2Note and about every other mobile application, but I'd like an easy to add a short note to Evernote while I'm at my PC?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas which can be offered.

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I don't know if Voice2Note integrates with EN, but Jott, does. I can call Jott from my cell phone & tell it I want to send a quick note to Evernote. It allows a 15 second audio recording that it will (do it's best to) transcribe & then send to my Evernote email address. Not the same as a direct input, but probably about as close as you're going to get.

Another option would be to use something like Dragon to record your audio note & then transcribe directly into EN. I've got Dragon but have not spent too much time "training" it. If you search the board on Dragon, you'll see a couple people have integrated it nicely with EN.

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