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(Archived) Feature request: Additional formatting capabilities

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Hi Guys.

After playing a while with Evernote the last few days, I've finally decided to use the software as my primary reference archive for nearby everything. The only hick up which I am feel when I write notes directly inside Evernote during a meeting is, that the formatting options are a bit poor compared to the possibilities which are out there. Could you guys please consider to offer a bit more options for formatting?

  • [*:20kuz7xa] I am especially looking forward to see some enhancements for the table formatting options. Actually it is a mess to change the layout later (add/delete rows for instance) for a created table.
    [*:20kuz7xa] The list of styles are there, but I guess a drop down selector like the font selector is more handy than a context menu. Additionally, the functionality to set up font styles is not very usable.
    [*:20kuz7xa] An option to change the line height is also pretty helpful when you try to create more readable text. An option to select from 1.0 - 2.0 should be great
    [*:20kuz7xa] When I get everything right, I guess handmade notes are saved as HTML file. An option for those from us to edit the HTML which are familiar with that language would be nice. An Extrapoint for an option, which allows us to insert default CSS for every new note

These are just my thoughts, I am happy to see any feedback. I am using Evernote for Mac for my manual notes, v. 2.0.4, with a premium plan.

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I also would like to see slightly better formatting possibilities:

- glad to hear that table improvements are coming

- style selection (at least for normal, heading 1 heading 2 and heading 3) (Inno says that list of styles is there but i don't see it in windows or www client, am I missing something?)

- simplify formatting is very useful when cutting and pasting from multiple sources - a 'remove all formatting' option would be nice too.

- create note from template could be very handy too...

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