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(Archived) blank space in front of each line?


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I have not figured out where this is happening, but, on my phone, when I edit some (or all) notes, I have a single blank space at the front of each line. I can delete the spaces in edit - when i do a save, with or without a sync, I cannot see them while viewing - but the space is still deleted when I edit again. New lines don't get the spaces, as far as I can tell - so they are less indented during edit. Extra spaces I enter are preserved.

I saw some messages about leading spaces on the forum from about a year ago, but they seem to be about leading spaces DISAPPEARING.

My questions are:

- Does anyone else see this?

- what is going on here? is this an intended design?

- is it possible I will get more blank spaces as I edit and sync on different platforms?

- should I just not worry about it, because it is specifically designed this way for some reason, and all situations are handled properly?



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