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  1. Update #2 - not totally confused. Operation is inconsistent. I forced a conflict by updating the same note on windows and android, while my android phone was offline - I ended up with TWO notes on the phone - one with the original name, and one with the name prefixed with "Note Conflict." Nothing in Conflicting Changes notebook. I only saw this new note because I had my view sorted by Recently Updated. If it was sorted by name, the Note Conflict would have been hiding somewhere else in my list of notes. Can we agree this is bad design? Again - NOTIFICATION is needed. Update #1 - now I am confused - I created a conflict and got one of the updates in a Conflict Changes notebook. Still not good enough in my mind - but I know I have had conflicts that did not do this... My wife ended up with one of her critical notes with conflicts within conflicts within conflicts.. Any history on how conflicts have been handled over time? Of in different versions or levels of Evernote? And I still want a notification. Original message: I AGREE! It is NOT SATISFACTORY to passively create some data that identifies an update conflict has occurred. I want a NOTIFICATION - a FLASHNG BILLBOARD that says "YOU HAD AN UPDATE CONFLICT." If you have one, and don't know it, you can end up with conflicts that include OTHER, OLDER conflicts. At that point, you have to manually rebuild your note... I cannot believe your corporate customers accept this. Fix it for them, and then we will all benefit. Currently I use an outside reminder to search for the word "conflict" in Evernote every 2 weeks. I haven't had any for a while, but I still worry about it. And I don't think the "Conflict Changes" notebook still exists - wasn't that an old feature that disappeared? Not that that is adequate - but at least you MIGHT notice it... Evernote - fix this! Dan Kronstadt Long-time evernote user...
  2. Yes, it's been fascinating to see where this discussion has gone. I feel a little bad that you all invested so much time in my question... Anyway, I can confirm that the icon I am seeing is for the Default Notebook. I temporarily changed that setting to a different notebook, and the icon moved. Thanks again to everyone for the help. Dan
  3. Thanks - I'll do some experiments, changing the default notebook and see if the icon goes away. Interestingly, on android, that notebook had a similar (but somewhat different) icon. That notebook is set for offline usage. I turned that option off, and the icon went away. That same notebook is also the default notebook on android, and there is no icon indicating that. No big deal - just a little inconsistency in the user interface.
  4. I have Evernote windows running on Win10. I wanted to make sure I had my main folder available offline, as it is on my Android phone and tablet - could not see an option for that (which I thought I had seen and used before, years ago) - looked in help - it says "On desktop computers: If Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows Desktop is installed on your computer, all of your synced notes and notebooks are stored on your computer in a local database." Great! But, looking at the notebook list, this notebook has an icon to the left of the name that looks an awful lot like some kind of download notification or option. See attached image. Clicking on it doesn't do anything. So - I am wondering what the icon means. I have used Evernote for years - was there a time when you had to set a notebook to offline on windows - and this icon is a holdover from that ancient time? Or does it mean something else? Mostly just curious - unless it means something important... Thanks Dan
  5. Good luck with the implementation. I am reminded of a story from 30+ ago. A company was installing a robotic system - an enclosure the size of a shipping container - to automatically mount computer tapes on tape drives (remember them? You're pobably too young). They were told the implementation would be transparent. My friend said "nothing that is 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 40 feet long, is transparent to ANYONE."
  6. I see discussions about update conflicts are still going on - what they are, what causes them, how to avoid them... Here's what I would like, at a MINIMUM: a NOTIFICATION of a conflict when it happens, on whatever platform detects or causes it. And, if possible, when any other platform gets a first sync OF a prior confict. With mobile devices which are NOT always connected - airplane mode, etc - you can get a conflict by doing an update on the phone while offline, and then, doing an update to the same note on, say, your desktop or laptop PC, before the phone syncs. At some point down the line, when everything does sync, Evernote will create a new note with the title prefix of "Note Confict." (Actually, I don't know that this is the standard way of handling this - it may depend on what platform detects the confict.) Anyway - I think this is particulalry bad because the note does not even alpha-sort near the note where you lost the data. At the very least, the prefix on the title should be a suffix instead. But what the MINIMUM solution should be is a pop-up notification saying "we had a confict." So - if you agree Evernote needs to do SOMETHING about conficts, please add a comment to this thread, and maybe Evernote will get the message. Dan Kronstadt
  7. Seems to me that Evernote has changed what it does with update conflicts - is that true? I never see anything in the Conflicting Changes notebook anymore - instead, I randomly discover, in the body of a note, the following: - some content - a message such as "Conflicting modification on September 5, 2011:" - some other content - presumably an older or newer version of the first content. I don't mind this approach - but, I think, whatever you do to report on conflicts, there needs to be OBVIOUS visibility. You need to TELL US IMMEDIATELY when there is a conflict. Saving it somewhere, without TELLING us, does no good. FYI - I use Evernote WIndows - currently version - and Evernote/Android 3.0.2, build 149284. But I have noticed this for a while - ot sure when it started. Thanks Dan K
  8. I have not figured out where this is happening, but, on my phone, when I edit some (or all) notes, I have a single blank space at the front of each line. I can delete the spaces in edit - when i do a save, with or without a sync, I cannot see them while viewing - but the space is still deleted when I edit again. New lines don't get the spaces, as far as I can tell - so they are less indented during edit. Extra spaces I enter are preserved. I saw some messages about leading spaces on the forum from about a year ago, but they seem to be about leading spaces DISAPPEARING. My questions are: - Does anyone else see this? - what is going on here? is this an intended design? - is it possible I will get more blank spaces as I edit and sync on different platforms? - should I just not worry about it, because it is specifically designed this way for some reason, and all situations are handled properly? Thanks Dan
  9. Maybe I am missing something ... I took a note in Outlook 2007, right clicked, and added it to Evernote. On my phone, when I edit the note, tapping on a line opens a little sub-window where you can edit the line, and you must hit save or discard for the line changes - but you cannot hit newline and add more lines - they disappear when you do the save. If I tapped on a blank line, I got a blank sub-window, and could enter multiple lines there ... I wonder how I would delete one of the original lines? I solved this by using the Simplify Formatting option in Evernote Windows - but is this the way it is supposed to work - with this sub-windows? Thanks Dan
  10. For anyone still following this: if you want to strip formatting from any text - for evernote, or anything else - try PureText from stevemiller.net. It provides a system tray icon that allows you to remove formatting from whatever is in the clipboard, or an alternate paste key (f10 by default) that pastes with no formatting. Now that I have contributed - can anyone tell me what the heck "sth" means in some of these messages? I did a web search and came up with a whole bunch of meanings, but none of them seem to fit. Thanks Dan
  11. Any reason why I would get 2 notes with the same name in the same notebook, when updates are done on both PC and phone, instead of getting one in the Conflicting Changes notebook? I think that used to happen - but not now. I don't know that one method is better than the other - altho, this almost seems better because I am less likely to MISS the dup, if I am looking at just one notebook. Was this a design change, or a bug, or are they different situations somehow? Running on PC, and Build 118454 version 2.5.1 on HTV EVO (android) Sprint phone. Dan K
  12. Well, I ran some tests, and phone syncs seem to work as you describe. I am pretty sure I lost one web update when a PC update overwrote it with no conflict notice, but I had no screen prints of that, and was unable to recreate it. It does appear that if I do a PC update and immediately shut down the application, the sync will never occur. I did a phone update on the same note - it appeared on the web immediately - but, despite waiting way past the PC sync time limit, the sync does not occur until I restart the PC app. At which point I get the Conflicting Change note. Personally, I would rather get a pop-up or some pro-active notice, rather than just another note appearing - easy to miss. And the conflicting change does not itself get propagated up to the web, or to the phone, which means you have no visibility there that you lost something. Seems to me that ought to happen. I guess I will just have to remember to do a sync anytime I do a PC update. I don't use Evernote often enough to want to just leave it up. Dan
  13. Sorry - guess I wasn't clear - i was really curious about WHEN it does the sync, or, more precisely, what conditions needs to be met for the sync to occur "automatically." Does the app have to be open? I know phone apps stay open - until the OS decides to shut them down. But I do have a habit of hitting Back repeatedly to get back to the home screen. But, even if I don't do that, there is no guarantee that the app will still be running 15 minutes from now to do another sync - is there? Same thing on the PC - do I need to keep the app open for the periodic auto-sync to work? Thanks Dan
  14. What exactly does the setting Sync Automatically every 15 or 30 minutes mean on Android? Does the app have to be open for this to happen? Cause I seem to have to do a manual sync on the phone, to reliably get PC updates. And I guess the same question applies on the PC app - does the app have to be open? I guess I assumed the icon in the system tray implied it would sync in the background - but I suspect that's wrong ... Finally - would the pay version change any of this? I know it allows offline access on the phone - but will I have to do a sync before I get to a dead zone? Thanks Dan
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