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  1. Well, my 25% smaller notebook finally finished downloading everything and the green offline progress bar is gone. I appreciate the help - I learned a lot from you both.
  2. As far as I can tell, the green bar NEVER went away. It stayed at about 95% forever - weeks, or more. I probably use a dozen notes regularly - plus an addition of, say, one a day. Since I moved about 20% of the old notes to a different, online-only notebook - which was just a few hours ago - the offline notebook has made steady progress. I will feel better when it gets thru and the progress bar goes away, as you describe. I have another question, or comment: The startup of Evernote on the ipad is S-L-O-W. Well, slow, in comparison to just about everything else - but not hours. A couple o
  3. I am humbled by your vast notebook! On mine - I have had this ipad for a year or more - installed evernote, set that one notebook to offline, and forgot about it. Decided today I should try a little harder, so I started moving old notes (about 25%) to another, online-only notebook - it has been working on the smaller offline notebook for a few hours. But - at least I know what it is now! Thanks again.
  4. On an ipad, I have a number of notebooks, with one large notebook marked for offline access. It shows a horizontal green bar indicating ... something. I thought it was size, or capacity - now I think it is progress in downloading, and it is hung up. Anyone know for sure what it is? And, if it's hung up, how to get it to complete, or start over, or ??? See attached screen capture... Thanks Dan
  5. My experience has been that the Windows app is just about always up to date with the server. The app gets launched at boot up, and sits there - presumably asking the server periodically ‘has anything changed since the last time I asked?’ Unless there are LOTS of notes getting frequent updates (and we need to define LOTS), keeping the windows database up to date should be trivial. And, when the user goes to a specific note to make changes, there should be a similar, instantaneous check for changes, and pop up a note saying the note has changed, wait while we sync. Don’t tell us later ‘oh - you
  6. Update #2 - not totally confused. Operation is inconsistent. I forced a conflict by updating the same note on windows and android, while my android phone was offline - I ended up with TWO notes on the phone - one with the original name, and one with the name prefixed with "Note Conflict." Nothing in Conflicting Changes notebook. I only saw this new note because I had my view sorted by Recently Updated. If it was sorted by name, the Note Conflict would have been hiding somewhere else in my list of notes. Can we agree this is bad design? Again - NOTIFICATION is needed. Update
  7. Yes, it's been fascinating to see where this discussion has gone. I feel a little bad that you all invested so much time in my question... Anyway, I can confirm that the icon I am seeing is for the Default Notebook. I temporarily changed that setting to a different notebook, and the icon moved. Thanks again to everyone for the help. Dan
  8. Thanks - I'll do some experiments, changing the default notebook and see if the icon goes away. Interestingly, on android, that notebook had a similar (but somewhat different) icon. That notebook is set for offline usage. I turned that option off, and the icon went away. That same notebook is also the default notebook on android, and there is no icon indicating that. No big deal - just a little inconsistency in the user interface.
  9. I have Evernote windows running on Win10. I wanted to make sure I had my main folder available offline, as it is on my Android phone and tablet - could not see an option for that (which I thought I had seen and used before, years ago) - looked in help - it says "On desktop computers: If Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows Desktop is installed on your computer, all of your synced notes and notebooks are stored on your computer in a local database." Great! But, looking at the notebook list, this notebook has an icon to the left of the name that looks an awful lot like some kind of down
  10. Good luck with the implementation. I am reminded of a story from 30+ ago. A company was installing a robotic system - an enclosure the size of a shipping container - to automatically mount computer tapes on tape drives (remember them? You're pobably too young). They were told the implementation would be transparent. My friend said "nothing that is 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 40 feet long, is transparent to ANYONE."
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