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(Archived) Simple scripts or shell routines?



For notes that have no formatting, would it be possible to have a script run on it? For instance pipe the note to sort(1) or just have some scripting language (lua, javascript, &c) that could do something like this. I think being able to pipe to a script and get the output (like you can with TextMate) would be useful. I often want to sort the lines in a note. I'm sure there are other things people could thing of to do with this.

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This can be done via our API for sure, but if you rewrite the data that is in our Application Support directory, weird things happen. The least destructive of which would be that the server simply overwrites your changes.

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That's why I was hoping the application could have a scripting language in it. It'd probably just be difficult for you to take the note and pipe it to the shell because it's formatted, though.

I was actually thinking of something like JavaScript, since it has some mature, open implementations and people are use to using it to parse DOM trees (notes are just xml docs, right?).

Actually, AppleScript might be able to do what I want. I'm looking at the Dictionary for Evernote and it seems nice.

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RIght - just be careful with the rewriting of data that's "live" in your account. That's all I'm saying.

We've had people try to do exactly what you're trying to do and their results have been not too pleasant.

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Yeah, definitely run some small scale tests first, and back up your data.

The Applescript is solid, but whenever you're attempting to edit live data in your account in any way, things can happen.

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