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(Archived) PDF "support" in Windows

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I've just downloaded the newest version of EN, hoping that the pdf problem was fixed. No joy.

I have no idea how EN can say that it supports pdf in Windows. All I can do now with a pdf is drag it into a note, giving me a link to a new (temporary) file. If I click on the icon, it will open that pdf in my temp directory. If I make changes to that file, they are not saved, as when I click on the icon again, I get taken to another (new) pdf in my temp directory. What's the point of embedding a file, if I can't do anything with it.

Fine, said I, I just won't use the embedding feature. However, I'm stuck. There is no way for me to create a link to a pdf on my computer now. I even tried just copying the path of a local file, and putting a hyperlink in a note, leading to that file. While it works in 2.2, double clicking on such a link in 3b takes me nowhere. So, now, I have exactly one choice for dealing with pdfs - have them embedded, but useless.

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