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(Archived) Evernote in conjunction with a text expander

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jschnur mentioned ActiveWords recently, in a post. What a nifty program! Anyway, it dawned on me that a text expander program (Autohotkey is another, Textexpander (I think) is a Mac version, etc) combined with EN is amazing! Sometimes my tags are a bit lengthy (in order to be descriptive) and I don't always remember the exact name. And EN has these nifty saved searches, which are helpful, too. But if you don't want to take the time to scroll down to the tags or saved searches, just put your frequently used search parameters into a text expander. One of my frequently used searches is:

tag:"kidney diet" chicken rice

Since I'm pretty good at keyboarding, this is not difficult for me to type in. BUT...with a text expander (ActiveWords), I have only 4 keystrokes to get into EN & run this search.

1. F5 (my "find in Evernote" button that brings EN to the front, resets all searches & puts the cursor in the search box.)

2. kd followed by F12 (the ActiveWord "key" I selected.)

And I'm done!

Here's one way jschnur uses ActiveWords in conjunction with EN. I haven't tried that yet, but plan to check it out, soon.

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I often use the intitle search, so I just added an ActiveWord for that. Typing the letters 'it' followed by F12 key, changes 'it' to intitle:" and then I can simply type the words I'm looking for & add the ending quote. Again, NBD to type it out. OTOH, three keystrokes are better than nine. :lol:

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