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(Archived) Emailing "clipings" from FireFox 2 with Evernote 3

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I'm using Firefox 2.X and Evernote 3. I've installed both on my desktop and laptop. Outlook Express is my default mail client on both computers. When I see something interesting on a web page I can hi-light it and in then right click it. In the context sensitive menu that comes up I can "add to evernote". When I click that a small window pops up at the bottom of the web page that allows me to email the info or do a few other options.

I select the mail icon. Then my default mail program is called up and in Outlook Express the clipping is inserted and the mail is ready for me to address and hit the send. That's on the laptop.

But on the desktop when outlook express pops up the "from" field says "sender unspecified" and to "to" field says "none"

And I can't change these fields...it's like the mail is incoming instead of outgoing.

Any suggestions how to make the desktop respond like the the laptop?



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