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(Archived) Bug Report: Folders



My Misc folder lists 514 articles.

All notebooks only lists 483 (online the count is 632 which I believe is correct)

I'm using Evernote 2.0 for the Mac but I think the same error was present in the previous version.

One more annoyance while I'm on the subject of folders. If you delete an empty folder you still get a warning dialog box that says "Any notes in the notebook will be moved to the Trash." I would be nice if Evernote was smart enough to not issue this warning if no articles will be lost.

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(If you are unable to open Evernote at all, you may skip to step 2.)

If you have some important Local Only or unsynced notes, be sure to read the directions at the end of this email to safeguard your information. Otherwise please try the following:

Please try moving your Evernote database directory so that Evernote will regenerate a new local database by copying your notes back down from the service. To do this:

1. Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar.

2. In the finder, open the "Library" folder in your home directory. (This is in the directory with your name, NOT at the top level of your hard drive.)

3. Navigate to "Application Support"

4. Move the "Evernote" folder from that location to a different place (like the desktop)

5. Start Evernote, provide your username and password again if needed

This will synchronize all of your notes from the service and create a new local database.

*If you do have any Local Only notebooks, right-click the notebook name in the left-hand notebook pane and select "Export", then export the notebook to .enex format, exporting tags if desired. If you have some unsynchronized notes, you can go to the Note List view, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format before following the above instructions. Once those instructions are finished, you can then import the .enex files you created to restore these exported notes.

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