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(Archived) Simple short text note not indexed on Web

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I created a simple text note on my Windows Evernote ( "Here is something else :-)"

When I search for any phrase from that on the Win app (e.g., "here is" or "something else") the note is correctly pulled up.

However, even though the note shows up in the "all notes" section of my online account, it is not findable via such string searches. This is especially odd, given that the online version has done a fine job of successfully finding text strings in images in the same file.

Any ideas what might be going on? I have done a reindex, resync, etc., but still no dice. It's obviously not this specific note that's critical to my well-organized life, but I want to make sure that any of my "real" notes are indeed indexed and findable! :-)

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Hmm... what's really odd is if I search for "something else" then it works. Just not "here is". Go figure! :)

Ohhh... okay, doing some more testing... I created a note with this exact text: "and here you will find more stuff."

Searching for "and here" does NOT turn up the note. Searching for "more stuff" DOES turn up the note. So it looks like somehow the first word or two is consistently not getting indexed.

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We have a very short list of "stop words" that appear so frequently that we don't index them in our database. The words "is" and "and" are on that list, so they're not getting indexed.

It looks like you've found a bug when you search for a phrase containing one of these non-indexed "stop words". We should be removing these words from the search phrase before searching.

Thanks for the report ...

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