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(Archived) Sync problem, ENML_VALIDATION error with CDATA ending (]]>)


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Hi all,

I'm unable to sync a note with the clipped web page from W3C which contains the characters "]]>" (ending of CDATA block). Weird thing is, that same sequence is properly html-encoded and displayed on the W3C page (of course, otherwise it couldn't be displayed at all). It does appear inside the

 tags. The URL of the page is: http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-media-types/#C_4

actual code for displaying the sequence there is:


The exact EN error from the activity log is:

13:53:09 [4528] 80% Creating server note "XHTML Media Types - Second Edition"

13:53:27 [4528] 80% EDAMUserException: errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION parameter="The character sequence "]]>" must not appear in content unless used to mark the end of a CDATA section."

13:53:27 [4528] 80% Skipping resource

Tech data: I'm using Evernote Windows client v. (115112) Public, the HTML page was actually clipped via the Evernote Web Clipper, in Firefox 3.6.13 on Windows XP SP3.

I'm guessing it's a problem with proper escaping of the character sequence, before the ENML parser gets to it... Just a guess though.

Thanks for your time, best regards

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Seems like this has not been fixed yet.  Even in 5.X.


Evernote must be saving the documents as XML data.  The > in "]]>" should be quoted to prevent this.


I would be happy to send document.  Just need to know to and how.



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