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(Archived) Evernote 2.2 to Evernote 3 - Am I getting there?

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After all the initial gripes about the 2.2 functionality lost in the new Evernote 3, I thought it about time to be positive.

Yes us old version users have lost a lot but I feel we must not admit defeat and leave such a brilliant product. I have spent the last two weeks going round in circles trying to find another program that equals 2.2. Absolutely nothing comes close. Secretly I am pleased as I would hate to leave such a "reliable old friend"!

Being the old cynic that I am and having worked around the IT world for many years, I will be suprised if 2.2 is supported, let alone further improved once the final version of Evernote 3 is released.

Consequently I have to make version 3 work for me. It would be great if all the 2.2 facilities were included, but I have to start to think that they might not. This is because the Evernote team have been very silent on this issue.

My workaround for new notes is to turn Evernote 2.2 thinking on its head and work the opposite way. Many of my major 2.2 catagories (sorry now tags) on my Pcs are now notebooks. FINANCE; COMPANIES (notebook for each, but I only deal with a few); HOME PROJECTS; LEISURE; REFERENCE; etc.

I now use Tags more like my Email. TO DO; STARRED; PENDING; JOURNAL; BOOKMARKS; RESEARCH; etc.

The major turning point was when Evernote brought in Local Notebooks. This got round the problem of Business posts being "lost in the cloud". Anything to do with Business isn't allowed anywhere near the net!

This is working for me and will allow me to continue to use Evernote even though I don't know what their plans are for the future of Evernote 2.2.

Maybe it would help others if a few of you who are getting to grips with this new version 3 way could also add a post as to how you are making the change.

Finally thanks to the Evernote team for all your hard work. I for one appreciate your efforts.

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