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  1. Much has been written about Evernote security on these Forums. If we are to use Evernote as our external brain then we don't always want other people looking into our heads. Your point lucyyogi therefor is a very valid one. Try the following to see a discussion that helped me. It involves creating a sparsbundle disk image with a password & then moving your Evernote data file to that secure location. Finally you can then point Evernote to find its new location by using a symbolic link. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10078&p=52414#p52414 A much simpler solution might be to enable file vault in security preferences on the mac. Maybe someone will tell me if this can be hacked though.
  2. +1 for sharing a stack. It seems crazy to have to individually have to share the notebooks within a stack.
  3. I agree 100%. Security on Evernote has been discussed on this forum many times. Unfortunately the 3 wise men (Podcast listeners know who I mean) at Evernote don't seem to want to develop basic security such as MacJournal already has. Symbolic links and Truecrypt have been mentioned by Dave but this doesn't stop prying eyes on the ipad which in our house is for family use. Yet it was discussed on a Podcast a while ago and it was said that if people kept asking for security. It would be looked at again. Judging by the amount of times that the question of security comes up I would have thought it was indeed time to look at security again. Maybe do it for Premium Users so that there is another reason to upgrade. SO PLEASE EVERNOTE GIVE SECURITY ANOTHER THOUGHT.
  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and explaining why we can't encrypt evernote. Personally I don't need 256 bit encryption or whatever for my family. I just need a simple way to stop my dear Son snooping around in my "secondary brain". A simple Pin code would suffice as I am sure he doesn't have the knowledge to hack the iPad. I'll just have to give up the hope of accessing my notes on the family iPad.
  5. I don't really understand. Are you saying that my other apps that are password protected such as 1Password, Moneydance etc are not secure? This is a surprise as these apps sell themselves on their security. I would be very grateful if you could spare the time to elaborate.
  6. This must be the most requested feature for the ipad. I'll be a little more helpful to JameK2002 by giving the link to the existing 3 pages on the subject. viewtopic.php?f=45&t=11237&p=72714&hilit=password#p72714 In fact I'll add my thoughts there in a moment. Great Application Evernote - just please give us some security for those of us with family ipads/logins.
  7. Just to balance the discussion, I love the new look. For me I work a different way. I always home in on the title/tag before reading the note, so I like my attention drawn to it. The extra info screen with created date etc now takes up much less "real estate" which is much better. As for the search bar. I use it all the time so to have it there is good for me. Maybe an option to hide on the "view menu" would help in a future release. We all have different needs and it is impossible for Dave and his team to please us all, all of the time, but they do try.........
  8. Just found the "Hide unassigned tags" on the view menu. AN EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU. I have waited so long for this to tidy up my long long list of tags.
  9. Just love today's update. Really good use of screen space to replace the old "more info" to change dates etc. Took a little finding - Just click on the little arrow to the left of the title. The trunk looks really promising as well. Now which app shall i buy 1st. :?
  10. I use Premium Evernote every day and love it. However I find a drawback when switching between notebooks. Some notebooks such as a journal log need to be sorted in date order. Other notebooks such as Reference notebooks need to be sorted by Title. I know I can click on the column header but it would help & if Evernote could remember the sort criteria for each notebook. I used to use MacJournal which had this facility and would love Evernote to do the same. I realise this is a busy week with the much anticipated announcement on the 14th but wonder if Dave could give any thoughts on this.
  11. Yes the files do go back a fair way. An example is 87D911D2-F89B-4B9E-839F-C751ACDE3334.backup 37Kb Modified 18 Sep 2009 I'm sorry but I don't know how to add a screenshot jpg to the forum.
  12. Does anybody know why backup files in external edits are not removed after the file is deleted. Dave mentioned in this postthat it is safe to delete external edits. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10222&p=40485&hilit=external+edits#p40485 Is this still the case and are there plans to address this as it would be good to claw back the disk space.
  13. I agree about being organised Oque. Organization just doesn't come easy to some of us. I guess that's why I love Evernote so much.........
  14. Another great podcast, thanks. In it you spoke about further work being done to make the windows & mac versions visually the same. If this is the case can you please let us know when you will add a Tags column to list view as per the windows client. This makes it so easy to quickly scan down a list when doing work on Tag organisation etc. It has been mentioned before but no comment came back from Dave & Company as far as I am aware. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=11089&p=44333&hilit=list+view+tags#p44333
  15. Yes, we all have different needs for Evernote. For me the greatest advantage is being able to access my notes anywhere so Local Notebooks aren't for me. For now I only use the web client at work which I find cumbersome compared to the Desktop Client but at least others can't see personal details etc. Dave & his team do a great job in trying to keep us all happy. Impossible but they do try......
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