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Google Calendar sync stopped on all platforms



My Evernote account is no longer updating appointments from my Google Calendar (same behaviour on Web/Windows/Android). I could not find anything in the Help & Learning Resources about this. I hesitate to disconnect and reconnect my Google Calendar because I am afraid that I will lose the many existing links between calendar events and notes in Evernote. This is an absolutely key feature of Evernote for me and I use it heavily. If disconnect/reconnect is a possible solution does anyone know whether these links will be restored ?   Or any other ideas for solving this problem ?  Thanks!  
[I've been waiting for an answer from Evernote Support for many days with no result.]

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According to Evernote’s Help & Learning resources, if you disconnect your Google account, any notes that were linked to calendar events from those accounts will still show the event details, but they will no longer update when changes are made in Google or Outlook Calendar. This suggests that your existing links should not be lost, but they won’t update in the future if you disconnect. Since you’ve been waiting for a response from Evernote Support, it might be helpful to reach out to them again or check if there are any updates on their official forums or user discussions. Remember, these steps are based on user suggestions and Evernote’s documentation. It’s always best to proceed with caution when it comes to your data. If you decide to disconnect and reconnect, make sure to back up your notes and data beforehand.  Covered California

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