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(Archived) Is there a way to exclude all but one tag from search?




I use nested tags extensively, and I want my notes to have the whole "tagpath" as tags. Maybe silly but that is the way I want it.

A few days ago I imported my delicious-account into Evernote, with tags. So, in order to fill in the missing parent tags, I need to be able to search with a parent tag only: to see which notes contain the parent only. Do I make sense? Is this possible?

Any help will be appreciated...



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I don't know of a way of searching for notes with only one specific tag, but you can explicitly exclude tags from a search. The syntax is:


So if you had a tag hierarchy tag1/tag2/tag3, you could find notes tagged with tag3 but missing tags1/2 using the search:

tag:tag3 -tag:tag1 -tag:tag2

Perhaps there's a less cumbersome way to do it, but the above will get you there.

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