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(Archived) Removing the Source URL of a note



I'm a new user of Evernote (or perhaps I should say a returning user as I used the Windows version many years ago) and am trying to get up to speed. While creating new notes I noticed that a URL I had entered in the text of a note was automatically made linkable. While trying to make a previously entered URL linkable I set the "Source URL" for a note. I then realized that this was not what I wanted and can't figure out a way to remove it. The note was intended to be a collection of links on a specific subject, not a link to a specific page, so the Source URL isn't appropriate. Does anybody know how to remove a Source URL?

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The WIndows app allows you to Edit or Clear it. You need to have extended note information showing, then click on the little blue triangle to the right of the source URL field, and you can either Edit, Clear or View the link. Don't know if there's something similar for the Mac, though.


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