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Evernote stop working with my M2 Macs

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53 minutes ago, JorgeZajgla said:

Note: It crashes continuously


It works fine here on an M2 running Sonoma.  Recommend deleting with Appcleaner.  Other uninstallers do not remove all of the bits and pieces. Then download directly from the Evernote website and NOT from the Apple Store.

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25 minutes ago, JorgeZajgla said:

Already used Appcleaner and downloaded from EN site

What you are experiencing is unusual.  An uninstall with Appcleaner and a reinstall of the latest version from the website is the usual fix for these one off problems.  It seems like something unique to your setup.  Are your memory and storage space adequate?  Other than that, I’ve no other thoughts.

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Not in my case. I have the same issue with 2 M2 Macs, one of it new with more than 50% free disk space and opening just this app (no problem with any other app). Perhaps It is related to the language (spanish) of my system.

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8 minutes ago, JorgeZajgla said:

Perhaps It is related to the language (spanish) of my system.

Seems doubtful, but you are two for two with this problem, so maybe?  Hopefully another user will join in with some other ideas.

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