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Hi, I've recently been getting the pop up ad saying that I should upgrade because my current plan(free) is limited to 1 notebook and 50 notes.
Great, that's fine. I currently have 40 notes.
So then why is it that my "File -> New Note" tab is greyed out and I cannot create more notes??

I found a pseudo-workaround by duplicating a note and deleting the content, titling it as a "Blank note". Great. It alowed me to create 3 more notes. 43 total now.

And now I can't even duplicate that note without getting a pop-up saying I need to upgrade?
What kind of shady tactic is this Evernote?
I use the free version because of the promise of these 50 notes and 1 notebook, and now you're not even going to let me do that???

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 10.23.05 AM.png

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Make sure your trash is empty and confirm you only have one notebook.  You can limp along this way if you want, but the change to the free plan is intended to make it a trial.

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1 hour ago, JkDubz said:

@s2sailor Does that mean that at some point it will no longer be free?

Who knows what the future holds, but considering that they just made this change to the free plan, I doubt there will be any additional changes soon.  If you don't want to subscribe and are concerned with the plan changing you may want to review other note taking app options.  There are numerous discussions of these in the forum.

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