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Change of due date of tasks not possible

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I've had this bug since some time but it was more or less under control and after 1-2 attempts changes of due dates of tasks were saved.
Now it got significantly worse and each time I change the due date of a task and save it, it jumps back to the old due date after few seconds. 

So it seems the apprentice amateurs took over again and messed up the sync completely (of course they had to change the ui before fixing old bugs - incredible stupidity).,  

Does anyone else have this issue? Or a solution?

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I haven't had this problem recently on MacOS Desktop (95% of my Evernote Task usage), but I had it so bad once before in the past that I had to resort to using the web app for a month or so to update the due date of tasks.

I've had that problem for both updating the due date manually and for when I completed a recurring task (the UI would update like it was rescheduling the recurring task, but then the old date would come back

One thing that seems to have worked for me before when I was having problems with the due date not updating was to delete the task altogether and duplicate it by creating a brand new one manually. It's like some task metadata was corrupted or something.

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