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Shortcut Items - location of "X" for removal

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I kept finding a favorite 'notebook' shortcut disappearing.

Upon closer examination, it appears I was inadvertently 'removing' the item by clicking the 'X' to the right.

It seems that the 'X' icon used for removal of a notebook shortcutl is located right next to the shortcut name which is different than other shortcut types (i.e. notes and searches). They have the "X"  positioned to the furthest position to the right (see attached image).

Could this be fixed? All shortcut types have "X" icon positioned to furtherest point to the right? Or perhaps remove the icon all together and allow users who need to remove a shortcut to use the context/right-click menu item instead. It is an action that is probably better suited for this secondary UI due to its usage pattern. I don't remove too often.

Note: I am experiencing this on the latest Mac desktop version but have replicated on the web version as well (source of the image I have provided).

Thank you


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