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  1. I am finding that the ability to insert the date while my cursor is in a note title, no longer works. It does however work in the body of the note. Please enable shortcuts in the title too! (I'm sure there might be others) Thank you.
  2. This issue still exists and bugs me. I adopted a tag system where I identify projects as follows: prj-masterbedroom-remodel prj-landscape prj-blah-blah etc. So when entering a new note, if it pertains to a project, I want to quickly start typing - narrowing down to the specific project. However, current behavior is: I type 'prj'(so far so good -- all prj tags are shown as matching). I type the '-' and <ugh> the first item in the list is auto selected and inserted as desired tag, closing list of all matches. I then have to go back and peform keyboard su
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