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(Archived) Email to Note does not work

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New to Evernote.

I have been sending emails to my Evernote address all morning. None of the emails has turned up in my Evernote account or my notebooks.

I have been sending these emails from various email accounts, including GMail, Exchange and Yahoo. All other email is working for me...the only thing that is not working is the email-to-note feature.

What am I missing?

I tried resetting my Evernote email address in the Settings: did not help.

I upgraded to Premium, thinking it was a Premium feature: did not help.

I have checked all spam folders, sent folders, bounced folders, etc and nothing. It is like the emails I send to Evernote disappear into air.

I've been through the Evernote blog, the FAQ and the knowledgebase: no help!

Any suggestions on how I can get this feature to work are appreciated.

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