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Quickly clip full page in backend erver side



I hope there is a mode to quickly create a full-page backup on the server side and add it as a note, just like what Raindrop and Pocket do.

When I want to capture the local style, I can use the current mode; when I want to back up quickly for later reading, I can capture more quickly using Raindrop's method.

This mode can allow users to directly replace existing bookmark backup software with Evernote and build on Evernote's existing powerful search capabilities.

(This software, Cubox, has already have these two modes. This could make the user )


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7 小時前, Mike P說:

Have you tried the webclipper extension?


I used it a lot, but it is all based on the local content and need some time to wait it analyzing the data.

This is not the behavior I say. If you ever use something like Raindrop, they can save the link immediately without no delay because it backup the web content on the server side later not from you local content.


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