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Don't ask me this again



Alright first off, I love evernote. Its just the best note taking app out there. I have one complaint/suggestion though. Whenever I open Evernote I get an offer/advertisement to upgrade to premium. That's fine. I totally understand that's the cost of using a free app. You're going to get ads to upgrade every now and then. The problem is that this advertisement is deceptive. It explicitly states, "you will not be able to get back to this offer" "this offer is only available for a limited time!" "Don't miss out on this deal, you won't have another chance!" That's ridiculous Evernote. Do you realize I've been using this app for so many years, and I am constantly able to get back to this 'fleeting' offer. I've probably seen the same exact offer hundreds of times. It never disappears. It's incessant. The offer comes back again whether you want it to or not. I'd like to re-iterate that I don't have a problem with you advertising for premium, I just take issue with the blatant inaccuracy in your ad. And it is obviously blatant. Creating a sense of urgency obviously drives up subscription numbers but the thing is there's not actually any real urgency. It's not available for a limited time it's available all the time. You WILL be able to get back to this offer. You have infinite chances to upgrade. You can't escape it.

Anyways my suggestion is put a button that says "Do not ask me that again" that's it. It solves the problem. (The problem being that your ad is inaccurate, not that I have to keep seeing your ad. I wouldn't even mind seeing it everytime if it didn't lie to me every day.

Or you could maybe change the ad to highlight the reasons why premium is worth it instead of creating a sense of false urgency.

Thanks for listening. Love your app. Won't subscribe out of principle though. 

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Well, you're in luck (/s) as there is a good chance the messaging will soon change to: "Your current plan limits you to 1 notebook and 50 notes. Upgrade now to create notes and notebooks without limits", but then you'll still hopefully be able to get a 40% off for the first year.


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